Monday, January 19, 2009


excited to offer our first release: this is robedoor's "rancor keeper" on vinyl in an edition of 500. pete swanson did an awesome job mastering this for vinyl. it also features all new artwork put together by britt and alex. pro-printed, reverse board jackets for the touch of class these dudes undoubtedly deserve. if you buy one from me or the band, you get a bonus robedoor button to sweeten the deal. oakland third graders refer to it as "halloween music."

you can order it from us by clicking on the paypal button... $14 (postpaid in the u.s.)

international dudes please email us for your price (tortoisesucks @ [w/o spaces])

or, cruise over to the nnf site and buy one from the band. 

**update: these are also available from many awesome places, such as: aquarius, mimaroglu, dnt, fusetron, time-lag, eclipse, tomentosa, troubleman, release the bats, and volcanic tongue. should be available at your local recordshops as well, thanks to revolver.